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as Text book? 

Do you stretch traditional boundaries  by wondering if Facebook can be used as an adult learning platform?

Wonder no longer! 

Find out about how it is being done:


Design Strategy
What's Yours?

​Should your design strategy for developing online training courses change based on content?

Find out more about why it doesn't need to:


Feedback Sandwich
Yuk or Yum?

​Are you bummed out when receiving feedback about your designs via the feedback sandwich?

Give yourself a break!

Learn about how to receive and give feedback:



Are You?

Do you worry about how you can get a running start designing mobile learning for adults?

Shrug it off!

Check out these resources and you'll be ready, and set to go:


Adult Learners
X,Y, Beyond?

Does your training design differ if your target audience is under 25 or over 55 years old?

Maybe it should!

Check out why or why not:


Designing for

Do you secretly desire to get into the world of MOOC training design?

It is not as mysterious as you might think!

Learn the in's and out's of massive open online course design:



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