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Learning Games
Can You Get Serious?

Delivering educational content via computer games intrinsically motivates even adult learners - in gaming they want to engage for the sake of enjoyment which is considered a key element in learning. Make sense?


If you want to venture into designing serious learning games and further challenge yourself by using technical content for the game, try a non-immersive game approach rather than spending gobs of time and money on immersive learning games with moving avatars. Non-immersive games are easier to design, more flexible to update and can produce outstanding results. You'll need three things to get started:


Start with the technical content. For your first serious technical non-immersive learning game I suggest you choose semi-difficult content that has 3 or 4 detailed aspects that you are personally familar with. Not too easy so you interest and challenge techy-type learners, and not so hard that you turn off learners who are on the fringe of the subject matter.


As you're thinking about what technical content to use,  you'll need to learn what makes a good adult learning game. Start by looking at some existing games. I recommend checking out "The Blood Typing Game" and others on the website at You'll see terrific ideas that can open your mind to creative interactions and effects for your game. To find key gaming elements that should be integrated, consult these and other references:


Finally, what layout and design software can you use that lends itself to your content? You need one that has interactive abilities and fun effects that are easy to create and publish. You may want to check out cloud-based as a starting place. You can download a free trial that has multi-screen template layouts ready to use.


So when you're ready to design a serious non-immersive adult learning game:

  1. Find interesting content

  2. Incorporate essential elements of good adult learning games

  3.  Use software with built-in game-type layouts.

If you're looking for samples, check out this technical non-immersive serious learning game I designed using software.  It's about Long Term Evolution (LTE) Signaling that uses Internet Protocol packet-switched signals to provide mobile communication services and is called

LTE Signaling.


Please allow up to a minute to load.

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