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Video Compiling
or Creating? 

Studies show that the retention rate for content in videos is extremely higher than that in text-based or audio stand-alones. Are you interested  in trying your hand at designing a cool learning YouTube type video, but feel intimidated about how to start?


Challenge yourself to learn new skills related to video design, capture and assembly because they are a reflection of current technologies that are a growing area and will soon be a necessity for all training designers. Planning is key so start with a simple form-and-function matrix to layout your objectives and link them to storyboards. Each segment should have a function within the video - carefully consider what is its purpose?

Use your favorite design tool such as MS Power Point with an Adobe Presenter add-in to convert slides to swf files. I like to enhance graphics downloaded from Photoxpress and Animation Factory with Adobe Photoshop and Techsmith Snag-It.  You can use TechSmith’s Camtasia software or Adobe Captivate to do screenshots that show examples of your learning video topic. Think about how you can incorporate audio and even video within your video compilation.


Then the fun starts! Assemble all of your assets (graphics, swf’s, mp4’s, etc.) into a cohesive video using Corel Video Studio or Adobe Premiere Elements. Add stock assets that are available within the software itself, such as animations, backgrounds, titles, images, sounds, music, etc, etc. Tweak and voila - you have designed a learning video!


Did you create it or compile it?

YES and YES!

If you're looking for samples, check out this YouTube type video that I  designed using an Adobe After Effects software template.  It show-cases the impact that non-immersive serious learning games can have on adult learners.

Serious Learning Games - Are YOU Game?

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